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Friday, November 21, 2008

TweetThis! Course on "Global Terrorism" at Durham University ( UK )

POTI Course on Global Terrorism
15th - 17th December 2008
Course Programme and Registration Form

This short course is designed to offer students a basic introduction to the complex topic of global terrorism. The lectures are organized in three meetings, in which the students will receive a complete view of the following aspects related to terrorism:

-- Nature and Matrices of Terrorism: problems of definition; essential elements and typologies;
-- Structure and Operating: analyses of terrorist tactics, political objectives and motivations; profiles of terrorists; structure and practice of terrorist organizations; terrorist armoury and equipment; types of terrorist acts; targets and victims of terrorism;
-- Protagonists and Geopolitical Areas: A historical-geograph ical approach (Europe, Middle-East, North Africa, the Americas) and a survey at the current trends;
-- Supporters and Criteria of Monitoring: dilemmas of democratic and international response; terrorism and diplomacy; the problem of state sponsorship and support; problems of international co-operation, including the use of diplomacy, international law and organisation;
-- The Use of Force and Future Threats in Terrorism Worldwide: anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism, police and intelligence measures, war against terrorism; UN, NATO and Terrorism; rethinking security after Sep. 11th; the war on terror and possibly future threats.

Contact: lorraine.holmes@durham.ac.uk
Website: http://www.dur.ac.uk/sgia/poci
Peace Operations Training Institute ( USA ) : www.peaceopstraining.org

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