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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

TweetThis! Tangazo la blogu ya nafasi za scholarships


Ernest Boniface Makulilo (MAKULILO Jr,)

Hi my fellow Students, I’m hereby interested to share with you this golden opportunity of scholarship for masters in overseas (not abroad). I think many of us know the distinction between overseas and abroad. The opportunity I’ve is only information. To me, information on things to prepare before applying for scholarships, how to find the right scholarship out of multiple cases, and responding to particular scholarship are corner-stone of what I call “Scholarships for Masters-Overseas”.

In this context, scholarship should not be reduced to mean admission as many people confuse. Scholarships deal with money or rather financial assistance. Getting a scholarship for an overseas study is a competitive process. This is because many people like you want the scholarship, but not all can be awarded. The scholarship money is simply not enough to fund all at once. Also, the scholarship providers want to ensure that only the best, well prepared applicants are selected and so the money is spent rightly and efficiently to what it is intended for. So, you have to be a winner! Lots of people have won scholarship. You hear this every time. But how have they done this good job? Are they luckier or more superior or intelligent than others? No, they are not! If you ask them about the winning secrets are, they may simply give you the following lists: things to prepare or consider before applying a scholarship. The list is written in my blog www.makulilo.blogspot.com as taken from cambodiajobs.blogspot.com.

I kindly ask you all to make a view of it soon. So, these are things that you may prepare or consider before applying a scholarship. Remember that a good preparation equals to halfway through the whole process. Be prepared and win the scholarship! On the basis of the above-mentioned facts, I’ve seen it is imperative that students from all parts of Tanzania to have networks, not of serious frauds (Ufisadi) rather on what I call Global Movement Approach – Think Global, Move Global. Personally, I’ve created my personal blog in which I’ve put lots of scholarship opportunities for African countries, Internships, Working Abroad, Volunteering in international working environment, to mention a few. I’ve collected such opportunities from different websites, so they are not mine. You’ll see some official links of the websites or sources of information. The access to the blog is 100% FREE OF CHARGE, and you can give out your comments on how to further improve the site, more clarification on specific opportunity you’ve seen/explored.The blog name is www.makulilo.blogspot.comE-Mails for personal contacts:ernest_makulilo@Yahoo.com OR msauzi101@Yahoo.com

Mobile: 0713-383853Be prepared and win the scholarship!

1 feedback :

doto eliudi said... Mon Nov 10, 05:20:00 AM MST  

m2 wangu nimeikubalissue inatoa tafu kinoma kwenye swala la education, amininia ila jaribu kuandika vitu muhimu ambavyo mbongo anatakiwa kuwa navyo ili aombe scholarship c unajua weng vilaza na hamana sehemu ya kudesa. big up maaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn

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