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Friday, May 23, 2008

TweetThis! "I will never date a lady through the internet"

Habari hii nimeipata kupitia kundi pepe fulani. Kwa kuwa mwandishi/mwathirika ameagiza mwisho wa ujumbe wake kuwa anaomba isambazwe, nami nimeituma  'kama ilivyoandikwa'. Msomaji, pima, chambua na  amua mwenyewe...

- Beginning of forwarded message -

I will never date a lady through the internet (looking for wife to marry)Well am Dr Christopher eric  Im aware  that most of you may have  know me OR COME ACCROSS MY EMAILS, under tough moments with a woman whom i belived that was to be my wife,. she took me to the court  so that my estates tshould be divided,  I stayed fro 8 years without  marriage with a domestic conflict abuse scar in my heart, I had one doughter with the woman, now she is married to another man, she took my house my car and my land I started life from zero.

I got my PhD degree in nursing science in 2001 from saint Regis university then I continued and took medical doctorate degree from ashlow university in 2004, my life started to change again bu the domestic conflicts continued though I was also part time preacher most saw me as a single man who can not tell them something and friends kept on persuading me to marry, so I dint know how to go through this  for I dint want again to marry a lady from my on country I thought according to my own mind it was good to marry a white lady who is in service of the lord, I seek advice from my best friend who married a white lady from Australia  in now the y serving the lord here in Tanzania Africa, what he told me is that I can only get a good lady not only when I traveled to  usa  but also though this Christian web site like Christian net so I went and I registered. I have never tried this before  soon the start I got junk emails some ladies asking for cash and air tickets so that they can come to Tanzania which I was told and warned never to send any cash to any person whom you don’t know, so I went and seek again another advice at this time I was told to join olx this though not dealing with Christians but you can as well get a saved woman and get married to her.I got many responses form women but almost all were not saved  so I was even more disgusted with the olx web page so I went back to Christian net at this time I found six emails and I just selected one person , this is nwo the lady who have made my life miserable till I will die and she has coursed me a lot of pains in heart , we started communicating very well sending each other emails and photos  it reach a time she wrote me back like this (chris, im sorry i think you are misunderstanding me , yes i am coming there i like your plan very much i dont know yet just when i also want it to be this year ,i was meaning i am not looking for any other man YOU are the one i want i dont want anyone else i want us to be married there and here babe  i love your plan for us and i love you, i also want it to be this year  i need Gods help to save  i love your church i want your church to be mine to  our church`, i can take holidays  later this year as sson as God provides i will be there....) I was very happy and I went to God ask ask him for some more favor, she promised me a lot and I promised her to she even told me that her children loves me and that they  have accepted that I should marry  their mother, so iket on praying till I was totally possed by her and I became even weak in my thinking, so it coma a time now I wanted her to come to Africa before September, and I was really happy expecting for her to come to Tanzania  so I kept on telling her to come over and as for I never ask any money nor any gifts except I asked her to send me Christian materials so that I can build upmy self spiritually I even send her our church photos too. One day when I was at home taking a rest  my friend came very confused and he told me what have seen in the internet that someone spoiled my name and called my a scammer and she even called me buddy we went off hurriedly rushed to the internet and this is what was written  by that Australian lady but at this time she went with a new name  http://koppies.olx.co.za/am-looking-for-wife-iid-8052047

Just click and read I dint expect that she was the one so I took my handset and I loaded it heavily so we started to called all the women whom I rejected non of them accepted this fault  and my mind just went  off  and  I thought that it might be the lady who asked me to send her air ticket so that she can come to Tanzania but she wasn’t saved so I refused and I was warned that this was too risky for we haven’t been met before, deep inside my mind I dint expect that it was the Australian lady who did that to me so I went on communicating with her but just to find that  she was the one in the last minite and this is what she wrote this time she abused me and molested me in total humiliation till I cursed God and I even told God that was no longer interested in life let him take my life away ,,,,, christopher why do you keep asking me to come when i already say( every email )im coming when God says , i listen to God not man  all your emails say is please come or come and help me   its not love its begging and ignoring what God would say you are manipulating me to go against God , i dont make decisions for my life  God makes them !!!!!!,This is a true story of what happened to me just some few hours ago and from today I swear I will never attend the internet till I die and that I will stay single fro im totally embracing  this scam with pain .people of God I am not a scammer and I have never done that before and please fwd this to every brother and sister whom you know and if any one want to know more about me or knows something about me then be free tell people don’t hide anything just say if I am a buddy or a scammer but as for this lady I will never forgive her till we shall  meet in heaven fro the right judgement.
Dr Christopher Eric+255713555904
-End of forwarded message -

11 feedback :

regina kiondo said... Mon Nov 10, 04:53:00 AM MST  

tapeli tu huyu..anafahamika kishenzi!!!

stop itt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

angela said... Mon Nov 10, 04:54:00 AM MST  

dada subi,namfahamu vizur sana jamaa ni tapeli kishenzi kwanza ni mkenya tena mjaluo alipata uraia kwa kuforge docs.
wala si daktari kama anavyojiita anajifanya mlokole ili afanye anachokitaka,what a shame

tunu said... Mon Nov 10, 04:54:00 AM MST  

hivi wewe jared leo hii unaitwa dr christopther? makubwa haya

tunu said... Mon Nov 10, 04:54:00 AM MST  

hivi mi huwa nashangaa sana iweje watu wa mahakama na uhamiaji wanatoa uraia kirahisi rahisi kuhusu christopther sio mtanzania ni mkenya,mi nadhani ni wanted kwao

mtanzania said... Mon Nov 10, 04:55:00 AM MST  

mi nadhani ana matatizo ya akili huyu si bure. nimesoma hiyo habari yake mpaka comments zilizo andikwa kwenye olx itakuwa kweli ambavyo watu wanamtuhumu inaonekana anajiregister kwenye dating site mbali mbali then watu wamemshtukia upuuzi wake,wameamu kumponda.
mjinga sana huyu mtu na akili zako huwezi fanya upuuzi kama na ujinga kama hui alioandika.

mlugaluga said... Mon Nov 10, 04:55:00 AM MST  

Kina Tibaigana ebu mtafuteni huyu alafu mfanye nae mahujiano muone kama si tapeli wa kenya huyu.

mnyalukolo said... Mon Nov 10, 04:56:00 AM MST  

tapeli mkubwa huyu.better leave our country vinginevyo umeisha ,unaharibu sifa yetu watanzania.

maalim said... Mon Nov 10, 04:57:00 AM MST  

wadau mtakao taka kumpima udokta wake na kujua uongo wake mpimeni kwa email yake hii, youngambi@yahoo.com

subi said... Mon Nov 10, 04:58:00 AM MST  

Ninakushukuruni sana nyote mliotumia muda wenu kufika hapa, kusoma habari hii na kutoa mchango wenu ambao kwa hakika utawasaidia wale watakaokumbana na kisa kama hiki ama cha kufanana na hiki
Asanteni sana!
Kazi njema na zenye mafanikio!

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