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Monday, May 26, 2008

TweetThis! WebOS / Virtual desktops

There are various Web-based-desktops aka WebOS aka Virtual-desktops that you may use just as you would with a normal desktop (well, sort of). These virtual desktops requires that you have an access to the internet.
I have experimented on YouOS when it first came out, and just recently I discovered G.ho.st (in a pop up ad at work) and then DesktopTwo. I signed up with the latter two and, out of curiosity, searched for more and found out these:

If interested, click on the links to try them out.

I think WebOS is a useful way of having some of your docs/files accessible anywhere from your main computer, especially when you forget to carry a disk/thumb drive (for those who don't even have one, WebOS could be a good alternative).

Advantages: Password protected OS, eMail, Address Book, IM, Mp3 Player, Office Programs, Message Boards, RSS Reader, Sharing files with another OS (Desktoptwo) user etc.

Disadvantages: WebOS utilize flash, may not work on computers with slow internet connection.

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