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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

TweetThis! Tanzanian Schoolgirl Abuse

Shame on all those who are involved in this kind of cruelty. What can an 11 yr old know if a 30yrs 'old acts' like s/he doesn't know? Stupid minded people, acts as if they don't know that children lean from adults. Shame on them. And when we have a society of disfigured, misbehaved and irresponsible people, we wonder what happened to 'today's kids'? Well, expect to reap what you sow. Shame on them! They are so disgusting! They are just alive because it is 'illegal' to kill them. How on earth could they think of, let alone, attempt and do what they did? Just thinking of the act leaves me with endless pain. Where is fair judgment when you need it the most?
Patty Magubira from Mwanza reports:
Human rights activists, school pupils and secondary school students yesterday marched to the Nyamagana District Commissioner's Office protesting the gruesome violence committed against an 11-year old schoolgirl in Sengerema district.
The demonstrators declared that should the government fail to take heed of their outcry over the inhuman act against the schoolgirl, they would bounce back to the streets to continue with the protest.
Three employees of the Barrick Exploration Africa Limited (BEAL) mining site forced the standard-four girl from Sota Primary School situated at Igalula village, Ngoma ward, in the district to be raped by a dog on March 21.
Annicet Edward Ndege, 30, Job Murama, 30, and Shija Madata picked the schoolgirl from where she was selling buns, sent her to the Nyanzaga mineral exploration centre, undressed and forced her to be defiled by a dog for about one hour.< They finally paid the fateful girl Shs1,000. "One person of Asian decent was deported within 24 hours after he was caught using a belt belonging to the Tanzania People's Defence Forces (TPDF) for tying his dog," recalled Samson Magige. Magige said he was surprised to hear that the culprits were granted bail. "They should be denied bail and their properties should be confiscated," he demanded. Click here to read it all .

News source courtesy of: The Citizen and Dira ya BBC.

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