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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

TweetThis! "wow" weblinks - Protect your email address from spam/junk

Today's "wow" weblinks post I have a list of sites which can encode your email address so that it can not be easily copied by spam bots, email sniffers and HTML E-mail harvesters. If you have a blog or website, this is a good way of protecting yourself from junk emails. If you do not have a web site or do not know what 'HTML' is, the encoder may not be of interest to you unless you want to show off as your email signature, in that case, you just need to copy and paste it each time you compose a message.
  • images may not be readable in text-only browsers, or by visually impaired people.
  • transparent PNGs are not supported by all browsers.
An alternative to images? Use the ASCII method, for example:
in html stands for nukta77@gmail.com
Click on the highlighted words at the beginning of the sentence to go to the featuring site.
  1. http://services.nexodyne.com/email
  2. http://chxo.com/labelgen  
  3. MailCover provides this free service which hides your email address in a CAPTCHA image to help prevent spam email being sent to your email address. This dynamically created image never looks exactly the same, making it just a little harder for spam bots! Hide your email address in an image. 
  4. EmailEncoder  Form - This form will allow you to encode your e-mail address through the use of Character Entities, transforming your ascii email address into its equivalent decimal entity. Simply enter your regular e-mail address in the first text box, click the encode button, and then highlight and copy the resulting code produced in the second text box. This encoded e-mail address can be read and translated back into its original ascii text by almost any web browser without any further action on your part. Just replace all instances of your e-mail address on your pages with the code, and you won't have to worry (too much) about spam lists.
  5. SafeMailTo - Your e-mail address is stored in coded form and can only be revealed using a full JavaScript interpreter (more details about anti-spam encoding).
  6. Encoder - The HTML Encoder is a service of SiteUp Networks. The Encoder will format your E-mail address in a way that IS NOT readable by any E-mail extractor or search engine
  7. Rumkin.com/tools/mailto_encoder
  8. Addressmunger.com 
  9. Invision-graphics.com/email_encoder
  10. Avoiding the Spam-Bots - Various options on hiding your email as shared by Joseph Pelrine of MetaProg
  11. Email-encoder.net
  12. Online-email-address-encoder
More sites are available via google search, querry words, 'email encorder'.
Happy encoding.

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