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Friday, August 28, 2009

TweetThis! Nokia unveils it's 3G mini laptop

On August 24, Nokia unveiled it's Nokia Booklet 3G mini laptop
with the following YouTube video review: YouTube.com/watch/v/fIHWM4liM2g

Features and Specs
- 12 hour battery life.
Nokia-Booklet-3G-camera.jpg (600×600)- 1.25kg (MacBook Air’s 1.36kg)
- 10.1″ screen
- 2cm thick when closed (”19.9mm”)
- WiFi (b/g)
- Integrated 3G mobile broadband
- Microsoft Windows
- Ovi services
- HDMI out
- USB ports & SD card slot
- Bluetooth
- Front-facing webcam
Nokia-Booklet-3G-colours.jpg (600×600)

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