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Monday, August 03, 2009

TweetThis! How to upload photos on blogger.com

This post will explain in words and pictorial form, how to upload photos on blogger.com
You can get the blogger.com help to learn on this same subject, here is the link: http://google.com/support/blogger/answer=41641

Here is how you do it (below is a pictorial presentation)
  1. Login to blogger with your blogger.com account which will take you to the Dashboard.
  2. While on the Dashboard, click on the words, New Post.
  3. This will open a compose page, while on it, hover on the image icon which will show 'Add Image' click on it.
  4. This will open a dialog which will ask you to choose where you want to add your photo from. If you have it in the computer you are working with, or external device such as a flash disc, CD, phone etc click on the words saying, "Browse"; You may also add from the web with the URL (link) for the picture.
  5. You may choose where to align the photo on the blog i.e. Left, Center, Right or None. You may also decide on the size of it by choosing small, medium or large
  6. Click on the words saying, 'Upload Image'
  7. After the photo has been uploaded (upload time will depend on the speed of your internet), click on the words saying, 'Publish Post'.
You will see the confirmation that your post has been published.
If you want to change a photo, you may choose a different photo when browsing, you may also cancel the whole procedure at any time using the 'cancel' button you may save the post for a later publication using the 'save now' button.


2 feedback :

MatteJerry said... Tue Aug 04, 06:06:00 AM MST  

Just thinking, uploading by using picture URL (If you host it in site you can manage, like picassa et al), will it load fast than uploading from you PC? Coz it is already online. I try to experiment. You so obama!!

Subi said... Tue Aug 04, 06:03:00 PM MST  

If you have a blog with blogger.com all the photos you upload from your deskotp to your blog will automatically be stored in Picasa, therefore the loading speed will be the same since they are hosted in with the same host. If you have time, you can upload thousands of photos on Picasa which you can later use by just pasting the URL instead of having to wait for every upload each time you compose a post.

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