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Friday, July 03, 2009

TweetThis! You are invited to send SMS text msg to Obama’s Ghana visit

US Embassy officials announce:

The United States government is inviting all Africans to send questions by text to Obama during his Ghana visit July 10 to 11 2009.

To send a text message to Obama, text “English” or “French” and add your question to 31958.

The service is available in English and French. The SMS might be subject to local and internationals charges.

Questions and comments through text can be sent from July 3, 2009 so that President Obama can address it while he is in Ghana.

Those who respond early will receive SMS highlights of the speech he will deliver in Accra Saturday July 11.

Obama will be expected to answer selected questions through local radio broadcasts.

All local cellphone, mobile coverage, local and international operator mobile quality of service and charges, as well as other operational constraints and conditions, applied. “The SMS service is not a 100-percent guarantee of message delivery,” the official said.

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