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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

TweetThis! Senior Programme Quality Advisor (World Vision) - East Africa Area

Position Title: Senior Programme Quality Advisor - East Africa Area
Application Deadline Date: 10 Jul 2009
Position Location: Nairobi Position
Region: Africa\East Africa Position
Start Date: 01 Aug 2009
End Date: 31 Jul 2011
Country Name: Kenya
City/Province: Nairobi Program/Office
Name: East Africa Area Office
Recruitment Priority: Need Immediately
Employee Type: Contract
Recruitment Status: Actively Recruiting

To provide quality assurance and technical support on program quality to World Vision National Offices (NOs) in the East Africa Region. This entails working with relevant National Office staff to ensure that they have the capacity to design, implement, monitor and evaluate programs in accordance with World Vision polices and guidelines, and interacting with Regional Office, Support Offices and Global Center specialists so as to provide relevant guidance to the National Offices.

Ensuring Transformational impact: Support the Team Leader to ensure that all Programmes / Projects in East Africa focus on the transformation of Staff, communities, donors/sponsors and other stakeholders.
All NOs and Programmes / Projects adopt development approaches that are community based, gender-sensitive, sustainable and focused especially on the needs of boys and girls.
Quality of programme design, monitoring and evaluation is improved in line with the partnership standards and government policies.
All Programmes / Projects are designed and implemented, in a manner that enhances disaster mitigation and community resilience.
Implementation of Programmes / Projects enhances community empowerment and meets the expectations of the community and the donors/sponsors.
All Programmes / Projects meet the expected reporting requirements and there is a deliberate effort to make sure stories of hope are being told.
All NOs and the Regional Office create and advocate for an environment where transformational development can take place.
All NOs and the Regional Office engage in public policy and advocacy critical to transformational development.
All National Offices and the Regional Office facilitate an environment where equitable relations between male and female are enhanced.
Support is provided to all Area Development Programms (ADPs) to strengthen Food security, agriculture marketing and raising income at household level.

Enhancing our ministry to children: Ensure that all Programmes / Projects in East Africa focus on the well being of girls and boys which includes their development, well being, empowerment, participation and protection.
All NOs and Programmes / Projects develop and implement strategies that target children at different growth stages and focus on their well being.
Specific interventions / efforts are made for girls and boys participation in an age appropriate manner and their empowerment as agents of transformation in all our Programmes / Projects.
Quality of customer services operations meet the partnership standards and enhances the relationships between sponsored children, families, communities and their sponsors.
All Programmes / Projects promote and advocate for the rights of a child, enhance child protection against abuse and support parents, guardians and communities to play their role in this regard.
The situation of children especially orphans and vulnerable children are monitored and appropriate interventions designed and implemented to support them.

Developing appropriate management structures, systems and procedures: Enhance quality of programmes by improving the management structures, systems and procedures within the organization and in communities
All NOs develop integrated organizational strategies and structures that enhance quality of programme management and promote transformational development in their countries.
All Programmes / Projects staff structures are developed to ensure effective and efficient facilitation of transformational development with communities.
Promote the development of community management structures and provide opportunity for the development of partner Community Based Organizations where appropriate.
The systems and procedures used in the implementation of Programmes / Projects enhance transformation and prepare the communities for transition.
All Programmes / Projects strengthen the local institutions within the communities and influence their structures and systems where necessary so that these are conducive to transformation.
Encourage the culture of ministry reviews so as to reflect, learn from what is happening and develop appropriate action plans that will enable the organization to be relevant to the changing environment.

Integrating ministry interventions: Ensure that ministry interventions are planned, implemented and evaluated in a coordinated fashion to enhance transformation in communities.
All NOs are supported to form cross-functional teams that ensure the integration of ministry at all levels.
Ensure ministry reviews focus on how integration is being achieved and how it can be improved.
Work with other staff from Ministry Quality, Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs, Food Programming Management Group, HIV&AIDS, MED, Christian commitments, Peace building and Advocacy in accomplishing tasks in National Offices and to share approaches, standards and ensure that there is consistency and synergy in what is being promoted in Programmes / Projects. Coordination with Finance, HR, IT & Communications will also be done as appropriate.
Ensure that the needs of the communities and the interests of Support Offices and Partnership Office are integrated to promote transformation.

Participating in conducting research, sharing and replicating promising practices aimed at ministry improvement: Enhance the desire to learn from what we and others are doing and try innovations that will promote ministry (or programme/project) effectiveness in East Africa.
Ensure that a culture of learning is promoted in our entire Programme / Project designs, monitoring and evaluation and that there is a deliberate effort to share such learning.
All NOs are encouraged to share any new innovations in their Programmes / Projects.
Participate in the piloting of new Partnership initiatives through NOs so as to contribute learning to the overall ministry.
Work with universities, research institutions and other bodies that are involved in the research of development approaches that lead to transformation.
Market the World Vision approach of transformational development to stakeholders and demonstrate a positive image of World Vision in East Africa.
Document, disseminate and apply lessons learnt.

Building capacity of staff and communities for transformation: Strengthen the capacity of staff and communities to lead, manage and facilitate the development process with integrity and in a professional manner.
Support NOs to give priority to proper orientation of all staff to the World Vision Programmes and Projects at all levels.
Participate in the capacity building of frontline staff such as ADP Development Facilitators, ADP Managers, Program Managers, Sponsorship, Operations, Ministry Quality staff to enhance performance at the national and regional levels.
Ensure our programmes / Projects are strong in community capacity building.
Work with NOs to make sure all interested stakeholders such as Community Based Organizations(COBs); Faith based organisations, Local Management Committees, Church leadership, Local Authorities, Teachers, government staff are given opportunities for training in appropriate areas that will enhance transformation.
Work with higher education institutions to develop skills and knowledge of staff to improve performance and promote innovation.
Promote staff exchange, secondments, learning contracts, workshop, knowledge management and attachments for capacity building.

Enhancing our networking and collaboration with other stakeholders.
Network with governments, NGOs, CBOs, and other Institutions so as to collaborate, access resources, promote World Vision interest and avoid duplication of efforts in all Programmes / Projects.

Commitment to and understanding of well being of children.
Knowledge and understanding of the World Vision transformational development ethos.
In-depth understanding and experience with DME (LEAP) and its implications at the ADP, National and Regional levels.
Demonstrated competencies in leading programme design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation teams.
Understanding and experience with programme and project management such as Area Development Programmes and/or Government grants.
Master’s degree or its equivalent in a social science field.
At least 3 – 5 years experience in relief and transformational development programming work in a Senior Position in Africa.
Proven leadership and management competencies preferably in a senior position.
Strong interpersonal skills.
Ability and experience at working cross-culturally.
Skills in research methodology, and application of data analysis using computer programs.
Proven skills in designing and carrying out training programs.
Excellent presentation and communication skills.
Knowledge of various technical sectors of development such as food security, primary health care, micro enterprises development, etc. and how these sectors can be effectively integrated to promote Transformational Development.
Commitment to life-long learning.
Ability to build and lead teams of professionals.

WV experience.

To apply, please use this shortened link to WV: http://tiny.cc/WorldVision

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