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Sunday, July 05, 2009

TweetThis! Postdoc position in dynamic FEM at UC Berkeley

Prof. James O'Brien and I are looking to hire a post-doc for a project on Lagrangian FEM modeling of deformable solids with dynamically changing tetrahedral meshes, with applications in computer graphics. The primary qualifications are a strong mathematical knowledge of FEM for 3D solid mechanics, and the ability to write good FEM implementations in C or C++. Niceties would include familiarity with mesh generation algorithms, viscoplasticity modeling, fluid mechanics, solid-fluid coupling, and computer graphics.

The position is available as soon as we can get your paperwork processed, though we might be willing to wait for the right applicant. The salary has not been determined yet. The position will last one or two years, depending on how we like your first year. US citizens/permanent residents have an edge, but we'll consider strong folks from anywhere. I will gladly send a copy of the funded grant proposal, which describes in detail what we want to do, to anyone who requests it.

Please send inquiries to BOTH jrs and job at

Jonathan Shewchuk
Computer Science Division
UC Berkeley


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