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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

TweetThis! Mzee Muga kweli kiboko, amwita US envoy 'an idiot'.

Mugabe calls US envoy 'an idiot'

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has branded a top US envoy "an idiot" with a condescending attitude.
He said that Johnnie Carson, US assistant secretary of state for African affairs, wanted to dictate what Zimbabwe could and could not do.
The two spoke on the sidelines of last week's African Union meeting in Libya.
The Obama administration has been sceptical of the power-sharing government formed between Mr Mugabe and his opposition rivals.
Mr Mugabe told the state-owned Herald newspaper in Zimbabwe that nothing came out of his talks with Mr Carson - his first meeting with a US government official for many years.
"You would not speak to an idiot of that nature," he said. "I was very angry with him, and he thinks he could dictate to us what to do and what not to do."
Mr Mugabe pointed out that the Southern African Development Community (SADC) supported the unity government.
"We have the whole of SADC working with us, and you have the likes of little fellows like Carson, you see, wanting to say: 'You do this, you do that.'
"Who is he?

"I hope he was not speaking for Obama. I told him he was a shame, a great shame, being an African American."
Robert Mugabe met Mr Carson on the sidelines of the AU summit
Mr Mugabe was also not fond of Mr Carson's predecessor, Jendayi Frazer, who is also black.

In May last year he described her as "a little American girl trotting around the globe like a prostitute" after she suggested that the then-opposition Movement for Democratic Change had won the disputed presidential election.

Meanwhile, the Herald also reports that Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has apologised to Mr Mugabe after ministers from his party, the MDC, boycotted a cabinet meeting last Monday.

The ministers had decided instead to head to Harare airport to welcome Mr Tsvangirai back from a tour of Europe and the United States, where he had been lobbying for aid for Zimbabwe.

He said he had raised about $500m (£300m), not the $7bn the country's finance minister said the country needed to revive its economy.

President Obama committed $73 million, but said: "It will not be going to the government directly because we continue to be concerned about consolidating democracy, human rights, and rule of law."
News from - TheZimbabweTimes.com

3 feedback :

Mzee wa Changamoto said... Wed Jul 08, 01:42:00 PM MST  

Well!! It might sound like "too much" but these people needs to stop telling us what to do and what not to. Just like Luciano said that "they telling us who to love and hate as if they're great"
But sometimes it's the matter of tone and not point of view. May be one of them didin't have right tone to make a click btn them and now "things are falling apart"
But who's going to suffer????? Mr Carson, Mr Mugabe or poor innocent citizen who know nothing about "idiotism" of either of those two (if any)?

Subi said... Thu Jul 09, 12:57:00 AM MST  

Mzee, right on with you, some of these people should stop dictating to us what to and what not to do. This has brought so many confusions in the first place within and oust side countries boundaries. When one country provides aid and dictate how it should be spend and the other provide the same and dictate otherwise, it doesn't make any sense expecting African leaders to adhere to 'all' their "do" and "don'ts", and there is when I agree with Dambisa Moyo's ideas. If they don't want directions from the donor countries (boss), they should formulate and work on ways to help themselves first in smaller settings, and if they work, they apply them to bigger settings, keep on modifying them until we get something workable and thus rely less on aid. Doing the same thing years in and years out with little or no results has not worked, the stats are good but go have a look at the common Mwananchi, it's a waste. If it didn't work last year and you didn't change it this year and you don't have a plan b or c for it, then how do you expect it to ever magically change the situation? (unless you are an idiot or something). These douche bags sometimes really makes me ask God to just let them die (sorry but I really feel like that sometimes, why would I lie).

Mzee wa Changamoto said... Thu Jul 09, 02:49:00 PM MST  

"These douche bags sometimes really makes me ask God to just let them die (sorry but I really feel like that sometimes, why would I lie)."
Got you my Sis. Bushman sang "in order for one to survive, sometimes you gotta take another man's life". And i guess that's what you mean to these people who "rob" almost everything from innocent people that they are supposed to lead them to success. If someone does that (robiing) and hinder the growing of the entire community, why not stop him or her from robbing and save the generation?

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