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Thursday, July 23, 2009

TweetThis! Job opp. with The Urban Institute (in Tanzania)

Here are some current job openings with The Urban Institute ( http://jobs-urban.icims.com/ ). Please view the details for more information, and apply from that page if you are interested.

Job ID               Job Title                    Location                         Posted Date

1525 Technical Advisor – Legal Issues TZ-Tanzania 7/23/2009

1523 Technical Advisor – Governance TZ-Tanzania 7/23/2009

1521 Technical Advisor – Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) TZ-Tanzania 7/23/2009

1519 Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist TZ-Tanzania 7/23/2009

1517 Technical Advisor – Finance TZ-Tanzania 7/23/2009

1516 Technical Advisor – Organizational Development and Human Resources TZ-Tanzania 7/23/2009

1512 Chief Technical Advisor (CTA) TZ-Tanzania 7/23/2009

1511 Chief Technical Advisor (CTA) TZ-Tanzania 7/23/2009

This is the link to the site for these listed jobs: http://tinyurl.com/ldvomm

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