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Saturday, July 18, 2009

TweetThis! The inside of your computer looks like this

Take note of this image of the various parts of your computers components so that next time the technician is on the line talking to you or walking you through your computer, you at least understand what they are referring to. It pays to even know where to plug in the mic, audio and screen wires.

If you are keen enough to know the functions of these various parts, say, you want to learn more about what a "Mac serial" is, they I suggest you just use any search engine (google, yahoo, wolframalpha, bing, ask etc) to type in the words "what is a mac serial?' and read through when the results page loads.

This image is not a property of this blog, it is a property of, and therefore belongs to http://imgur.com/rwhdj.jpg. I just put it here for a show off and attraction .
Click on the image, you will be re-directed to the original page where you can click it to enlarge for a better view.
Photo also avaliable at http://deviantart.com

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