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Saturday, June 20, 2009

TweetThis! Yahoo! Sports: NBA Draft Top Centers - focus on Hasheem Thabeet

Yahoo! Sports college hoops expert Greg Anthony looks at the top centers available heading into the 2009 NBA Draft.
This is part of what you are going to hear about Hasheem Thabeet in the video below:
  • ...no body puts more time into the game. No one learns and is as a quicker a study as he is, so those are the attributes that you want.
  • ...he is 7'3" but he moves like a guy who is 6'7", I mean he flies around the court.
  • ...he is great, and in part that's because he played soccer ...that foot coordination has really voted well for him.
  • ... remember this too, he still has to think about everything that he does on the floor.... no matter how talented you are, when you are thinking on the floor you are going to be a step slower, your instincts aren't gonna be straight, there will come a point where the game will become instinctive for him and that's when Hasheem Thabeet has an opportunity to really elevate his overall play. This guy has the opportunity to impact the next level of the game.
My previous blog posts about HT can be read here: http://nukta77.blogspot.com/search?q=thabeet


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