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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TweetThis! Video: Two little angels in Kenya are struggling against strange tumors, please help.

Phyllis Nyakoboke is a 12-year girl. She lives with her mother and younger sister in a small town near Nairobi, capital of Kenya.
Phyllis, less than 1.5 meters tall, has developed a mysterious disease since she was just one and half years old -- a strange tumor appeared in her abdomen.
Her sister Doris, aged five, also began to have a similar tumor in the abdomen at the age of one years and a half.
With the tumors growing bigger and bigger, the sisters can hardly stand erectly at present. After physical examinations in the town hospital, even doctors cannot explain what the disease is and how the tumors have developed.
Because the family is poor, the father has deserted the sisters and their mother.
"My husband left us, I don't know what's wrong with my children."
Several months ago, they came across a middle-aged woman named Teresa. Teresa feels sorry for the two sisters and plans to send them to Kenyatta National Hospital for medical treatment.
“They are so pity, but I haven't enough money to help them. I hope there are more people to help them.”
Source: Xinhua News Agency correspondents reporting from Nairobi.

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