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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TweetThis! Video: A Panther in Africa - Tanzania

One man reinterprets his revolutionary history and applies his life lessons in a new country - FilMakers.com.

Pete O'Neal founded the Kansas City (Missouri) chapter of the Black Panthers. On October 30, 1969, he was arrested for transporting a gun across state lines. One year later, O'Neal fled the charge and left America for Africa. He lived in Algeria for one year before moving to Tanzania where he has lived in exile ever since (more than 30 years dating today when I publish this post). He is one of the last American exiles from an era when activists considered themselves at war with the U.S. government. As he struggles to reconcile his future and the past, O'Neal has committed his life to global activism and community service.

Today, this community organizer confronts very different challenges and finds himself living between two worlds - America and Africa, his radical past and his uncertain future. He is "continuing to do the work of the Black Panther Party -- but without guns." He serves the African-American community back in the USA, sponsoring an international exchange program between underprivileged American teenagers and Tanzanian youths. He coordinates study-abroad programs for several U.S. universities, bringing college students to Tanzania to work alongside local youth, teaching English, computer skills and HIV/AIDS awareness. More of his work at http://www.uaacc.habari.co.tz - United African Alliance Community Center (UAACC).

A PANTHER IN AFRICA is a 90min documentary film produced and directed by Aaron Matthews. It explores the life of a violent 1960s radical long after the moment for revolution has passed.

Photos apantherinafrica.com

2 feedback :

Mzee wa Changamoto said... Wed Jun 24, 07:58:00 PM MST  

I was reading about O'Neal two days ago and i was impressed by his story. I wanted to know more about Him and his mission and here comes my FUNDI MITAMBO with the Audio / Visual package of 'em all.
I'll watch it and dig deep in it.
Thanx alot Sis

Subi said... Wed Jun 24, 08:08:00 PM MST  

I can guarantee (even bet money on it) that you are going to love this film documentary. It's a learning experience of it's kind. I assure you at the end of it you are going to ask for a, 'Part Two please' of which I don't have.
Happy watching!

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