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Friday, June 19, 2009

TweetThis! Team Leader - Technical Assistance to identify and formulate the programming areas for SADC

Team Leader - Technical Assistance to identify and formulate the programming areas for SADC under the 10th European Development Fund Regional Strategy Paper/Regional Indicative Programme

Organization(s): Progeco S.r.l.
Country/Region: BotswanaContract
Length: Long-term consulting assignment
Apply by: 09 July 2009
Reference No:FWC11 - 211702 v1

Team Leader - The services foreseen will require one Category I Expert. The duration of the assignment will be seven (7) months, 140 working days.

Global objective
To identify feasible intervention areas and specific programmes, which are in line with the objectives, priorities, and the specific focal sectors set out in the 10th EDF RSP/RIP. The intervention areas should be of a practical nature taking into account the institutional readiness, absorption and capacity ability of SADC and the SADC Secretariat. The proposed interventions should also take into account the procedures of the European Commission and the human resources capacity of the EC Delegation, in order to be operational and feasible.

Specific objective(s)
  • The Consultant is to assist the SADC Secretariat Directorates in the introduction of programme planning and formulation, including monitoring and evaluation tools, under the supported intervention areas of the 10th EDF.
  • Assist the relevant SADC Secretariat Directorates through the training and transfer of knowledge on programming, monitoring and evaluating programming under the 10th EDF.
  • In dialogue with SADC, the Consultant is to inform the SADC Secretariat Directorates of support available under other EU funding mechanisms and assist where necessary, in order to improve the capacity of the SADC Secretariat.
  • The Consultant is required to ensure coordination with other International Coordinating Partners (ICPs) on ongoing and planned interventions.
  • Preparing the drafts of "Programme Identification Fiches" (PIF) and "Programme Activity Fiches" (PAF) in line with the programmes identified together with SADC and the EC Delegation under the 10th EDF.
Profile requested
  • The expert should hold a degree or degrees of at least four (4) years in economics, politics, law, social sciences or a similar field.
  • A minimum of fifteen (15) years prior experience at middle levels of administration, of which (10) years professional experience within the fields of capacity building, institutional assessment, or regional integration are required.
  • The expert should have had previous practical experience with international organisations in planning, programming and delivering development cooperation (European Commission, World Bank, ADB, IFAD, DfID, etc).
  • Previous practical experience of the EDF or other EU funding mechanisms would be considered an advantage.
  • Drafting skills and the ability to work with the staff of an institution in the development of terms of reference are important, as are a good working knowledge of the standard Microsoft Office suite of programmes.
  • The working language for the assignment will be English. The expert must be fluent in both spoken
  • and written English
Indicative starting date: 1st September 2009

Contact Person: Alessandro Natali E-mail recruitment@progecoitaly.it Tel +39 0532 790980 - Fax +39 0532 790231

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