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Friday, June 26, 2009

TweetThis! PhD scholarship - Australian Postgraduate Award Industry (APAI)

Research Scholarships

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To assit BEE Research postgraduate students in their studies, BEE offers scholarships that provide support and for commencing and continuing students. International and Research Students Centre also offer scholarships which can be found on the links provided at the bottom of this page.

BEE Out of Round
A number of ‘Out of Round’ Scholarships are available and are offered all year round on an ad hoc basis to all commencing and continuing higher research degree students. Students need to be nominated by their supervisors AND FACULTY in order to be considered for an ‘Out of Round’ Scholarship.

BEE Living Allowances
The Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering offers a number of Living Allowance Scholarship to International Higher Degree Research Students. In 2009 International students who have been offered a BEE Living Allowance will also be entitled to receive a Fee Waiver. For further information see the guidelines below.

BEE Indigenous Focused PhD Scholarship $20,427 pa tax free

The Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering is seeking either an identified Indigenous student wishing to undertake a research project in the area of Built Environment and Engineering or a non-Indigenous student whose research project focuses on Indigenous Issues in relation to Built Environment and Engineering.

The successful applicant can expect to receive a tax free stipend of $20,427 pa. For further information contact David Kabelele, the Scholarships Officer, on:
Phone: +61 7 3138 8033
Email: bee.scholarshipofficer@qut.edu.au

BEE Top-Up Awards
The Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering offers Top-Up Awards to the best applicants in the built environment and engineering disciplines who are offered an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) or equivalent and who have an undergraduate course GPA of 6 or above.

The Faculty will approve extension only under very special circumstances.

The aim of this scholarship is to support:
Preparation and submission of refereed publications by domestic and International Postgraduate Research Students after the submission of their thesis for external examination. This scholarship will be tax exempt for students. This scholarship will be awarded based on the nomination of the principal supervisor with 50% funding provided by the supervisor or theme and the remaining 50% funding will be provided by the University. Funding will support up to a three month period of full-time writing.

This award is available to Australian Citizens and permanent residents and International students.

Refereed Publication Write-Up Scholarship

Applicant must:
  • Have recently submitted for external examination, or completed a Masters by Engineering/ Masters of Applied Science (Research)/ Doctor of Philosophy; and
  • Provide a project plan outlining the title of the article, publication to be targeted and a timeline featuring milestones to be met in preparing the article.
  • The Chair of the BEE Faculty requires that the applicant will write a journal paper which will be published in scholarly journals
  • Be able to write full-time, or demonstrate that they can only write part-time due to heavy care commitments or a medical condition precluding full-time writing. International student visa conditions do not normally allow for part-time candidature.
Student Feedback
Domestic PhD Student within the Medical Engineering theme

Having spent more than a year working in Canada, I was keen to pursue a PhD that allowed me to work in a field I love, with the international opportunities it brings. I applied for every scholarship imaginable, which was a little bit of work, but in the end so rewarding. In fact, some of the applications forced me to really think about the topic I was embarking on, and so made the commencement a fairly easy transition. With the award of my scholarships(QUT APA and a top up from Smart Futures), I essentially have a payed research job, with travel opportunities, terrific support, flexibility, and as an added bonus, I receive a great degree at the end of three years.

Scholarship Officer

Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering
Phone: +61 7 3138 8033
Email: bee.scholarshipofficer@qut.edu.au

Related Faculty Scholarships
Centre for Subtropical Design 2009 Scholarships

CSD scholarships are available for postgraduate student at QUT in 2008 on the following themes:
typologies for compact urbanisation in warm climates, integrating biophysical concerns (passive climatic design which minimises waste, energy use and water use) with strategies that maintain or strengthen subtropical character and identity.
the relationship between Urban Density, Climate, and Rooftop Gardens/Green walls in Brisbane. Tackle global environmental issues in a way not yet attempted in Australia. So far studies of the benefits of rooftop greening have been carried out under social and climatic conditions different from those in Australia. Test overseas conclusions in the Australian context, by research and practical demonstration.

Eligibility: Available to students undertaking a full time PhD or Masters research project.

Amount: $15,000 for one year (applicant may re-apply in subsequent years)

Contact: Potential applicants should email their expression of interest, full contact details and a short description of their research project. email us.

APAI Scholarships
Applications are invited from appropriately qualified individuals for one of the four Australian Research Council (ARC) funded Australian Postgraduate Award Industry (APAI) PhD Scholarships in a landmark project.

Applications are invited from appropriately qualified individuals for one of the four Australian Research Council (ARC) funded Australian Postgraduate Award Industry (APAI) PhD Scholarships in the Australian Infrastructure Procurement Reform project.. Further information is available below.

Please refer the following link for further information: http://www.bee.qut.edu.au/study/scholarships/research.jsp

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