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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TweetThis! IMD Scholarship Foundation announces a new IMD MBA Scholarship

The IMD Scholarship Foundation is pleased to announce a new IMD MBA scholarship that will be awarded to support an individual coming from an emerging country and who works either as a social entrepreneur or for an NGO. The aim of the scholarship is to increase the class diversity and learning experience and to support a participant who otherwise would not be able to attend the IMD MBA program.

"This is a unique opportunity for an individual who otherwise might not be able to attend the IMD MBA program," stated the Selection Committee. "This person will truly bring a different perspective to the class. We believe it will also make a difference when the candidate returns to his or her home country to apply the learnings gleaned from the IMD experience."

The Selection Committee is looking for qualified candidates from emerging countries who have a passion to make a contribution to society through socially responsible leadership. Specifically, a candidate must have financial need, meet the admission requirements of the program and have the following attributes:
- currently work as a social entrepreneur or for an NGO in his or her home country or region with 4-10 years work experience
- made a significant contribution to the local environment, country or society in general
- possess leadership characteristics and the ability to have a significant impact in a class situation
- demonstrate passion and a commitment for socially responsible leadership and a desire to return to his or her home country or region after IMD.

The target countries for this scholarship include (but are not limited to) Africa, Latin America, China and India. The IMD Scholarship Foundation will provide for living expenses and IMD will contribute Sfr 45,000 toward tuition. The selected candidate must contribute the additional tuition through savings or a loan.

You are a talented social entrepreneur or working for an NGO in an emerging country. You would like a top international MBA to expand your horizons so that you can go back and make a difference.
AmountLiving Expenses
+ CHF 45,000
Geographical regionEmerging countries
Who can qualifyQualified candidates who have a passion to make a contribution to society through socially responsible leadership
  • Currently working as a social entrepreneur or for an NGO in your home country or region
  • 4-10 years work experience
  • Making a significant contribution to your local environment, country or society in general
  • Have leadership characteristics and the ability to have an impact in the class
  • Have financial need such that you could not otherwise afford to attend IMD
  • Strong command of written and spoken English
  • Demonstrate a passion and committment for socially responsible leadership both in your current role and to go back to your home country or region after the IMD MBA program
CriteriaSend the following information by September 1, 2009 to be considered for the IMD MBA program starting in January 2011:
  • Answer the 5 scholarship essay questions below
  • Submit your university transcripts
  • Send 2 letters of recommendation
Scholarship essays:
  1. Tell us about yourself and your experience (500 words)
  2. What drives your passion for socially responsible leadership? (100 words)
  3. What are your future career goals? (100 words)
  4. Why does an IMD MBA fit with these future career goals? (100 words)
  5. Identify a project in your country that is in need of funding. Identify the level of funding needed and prepare a plan for how you would implement the project if funding would be received. Identify positive points that may help you to implement the plan as well as barriers that may prevent you from achieving your goal. (1,500 words)
Need basedYes. Submit IMD's financial aid form
  • November 30, 2009: The IMD Scholarship Selection Committee will identify a short list of scholarship candidates
  • December 31, 2009: Selection of candidates. Candidates will be interviewed by telephone during the month of December.
  • February 15, 2010: Completion of GMAT test by selected candidates
  • March 1, 2010: Notification of scholarship winners.
  • June 1, 2010: Submission of completed IMD MBA application form for the 2011 class.
Important notes
  • Scholarship winners must complete and pass the regular IMD MBA admission process prior to being accepted for the program! IMD does NOT guarantee scholarship winners a place in the MBA program until completion and passing of the regular MBA admissions process.
  • IMD reserves the right not to award a scholarship if the criteria are not met to the satisfaction of the jury / sponsors. 
ContactScholarship questions should be sent to mbainfo@imd.ch

Find details, criteria and more information about this scholarship at: www.imd.ch/mba/IMDScholarshipFoundation

Source: http://www.imd.ch/IMD-Scholarship-Foundation-MBA-Scholarship.cfm

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