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Friday, June 12, 2009

TweetThis! Dumber than Dumb : Never Put a FIRECRACKER in your butt and light it!

A friend of mine sent this message and I thought it was worth a lesson:
As a parent, I often wonder if I taught my sons and daughters everything they needed to know to lead a safe and sane life. You know what I mean . .. . don't run with a knife, don't stick beans in your nose, don't lick a frosted piece of metal, etc. but, you know, I think I might have missed this particular piece of advice. However, let's face it, if any of my sons or daughters ever tried this totally idiotic stunt, I figure they are way too stupid to survive in this world anyway!
Never . Ever . Ever Put a FIRECRACKER in your butt and light it!
Enjoy your weekend!

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