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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

TweetThis! "wow" weblinks: Eccellio - Faceting Search Engine

Earlier this week I had an opportunity to read and exchange mails with Manuel who kept me abreast of what 'science.eccellio.com' is before I came to learn that 'eccellio' is more than just a 'search engine'. Without boring you much, why not let you discover eccellio and how it can simplify your search life.
A quick look on Eccellio
In the first age of Internet, directory services like Yahoo were very popular for retrieving information on Internet. One of the problems with this kind of search engine was the annoyance of end users when they needed to navigate to a long and detailed classification.

Then new players mainly focused on a simple way to perform searches by typing only few words in a text field rather than browse a wide directory. Google introduced a light and simple user interface, combined with a powerful search engine. He was the winner within the Search arena. Today the majority of Internet users perform their queries by providing a couple of few words or a sentence within a text field in Google.

One of the main issues with today searches is the exponential growth of data available through Internet. When performing a search into Google you can’t contextualize your search and results are often too much general. Of course you can use advanced search, but indeed nobody uses such a complex and boring interface to perform searches.

Another major issue with today’s search engines is what we call “Media Keyword Spamming”.

MKS is indeed a problem when performing a search. Basically when you execute a search the result is affected by the popularity of the words you typed. Let’s look for an example: if you want to find an Hilton hotel in Paris you will type “paris hilton” in Google search field. That’s more than 80 millions result.

Obviously you won’t find any hotel cause “paris hilton” is maybe the archetypal of Media Keyword Spamming. Today Media influences too much the weight of some specific words and end users have no protection against this.

With the Eccellio we want to keep the Google simplicity in end user searches by adding only a few and small level of contextualization. End users will continue to perform their searches by entering a couple of few words into a text field but with just one additional single-click they can contextualize their search.

Let’s look for the same sample: type in “paris hilton” in the text field, then one additional single-click on the “Cities” button and there you go.

The result and the experience are dramatically improved. We think this can be the next evolution of search engines: Google simplicity with one additional single-click

Eccellio Web Miner (http://www.eccellio.com) and Eccellio Science Miner (http://science.eccellio.com) share the following one click setting:
  • Time (No Timeframe, Past 24 hours, Past week, Past month and Past year)
  • Country/Language (World, English, Spanish, German, French and Italian)
  • Domain: All, .com, .es (Spain), .de (Germany), .fr (France), .it (Italy) and .co.uk (UK)
  • File formats (all, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Torrent and RSS)

Eccellio is a faceting Search Engine based on Google CSE, it aims to make you find a more appropriate result even if you are searching on specialized matters: it's like Google++ or Google simplicity with one additional single-click.
Eccellio Web Miner has the following one click subject filters:
All The Web, Program Languages, Open Source, Movies, Cities, Social Networks, Encyclopedias, Cooking, Bid Sites and Astronomy (with a link to the Science Miner)

Eccellio Science is fully dedicated to students and researchers that want to obtain fresh results and very focused on Science Matters, not just Wikipedia as it often happen, but accredited and specialized sites.....happy search!
Eccellio Science Miner has the following one click subject filters:
All The Web, Agriculture, Alternative Sciences, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Environment, Math, Physics, Social Sciences, Scientific Software and Technology.

Still not convinced yet? read the Eccellio FAQ or you may wish to have a look on their long term roadmap or ask a question, contacts them here.

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