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Monday, May 04, 2009

TweetThis! An update for Tyler Perry fans

TP's message reads:
Hey there,

Are there any STAR TREK fans out there? If not, don't worry. I wasn't one either until I saw this new STAR TREK movie that comes out on Friday. It is AWWESSOOMMEEE! I LOOVVEE Sci-Fi! Did you know that? I do! One of my favorite movies is ALIENS.

Anyway, I'm in the new STAR TREK movie that opens this Friday. I must tell you don't blink because if you do you will miss me. It is a very small part but it was so cool being a part of it. And working with J.J. Abrams was the best. He did LOST and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III….just to mention a few. That guy is so cool. So, this Friday check it out. Again, don't blink because you'll miss me. Seriously, if you have to go to the bathroom forget about it. You'll really miss me. So hold it...LOL.

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you but I've been on the grind. I just finished another movie that will be out in September. I've started shooting MEET THE BROWNS the TV show. Plus, I just finished writing another movie and in two weeks I will start to shoot it. Also I've been getting ready to start shooting more HOUSE OF PAYNE. So, I hope you understand why I haven't written. Speaking of HOUSE OF PAYNE, some ofya'll are mad at me...LOL. This Calvin and Miranda thing is REAL. A lot ofnew couples go through this when they first get married. All I gotta say is keep watching! You won't believe how this turns. You can't figure it out.

I did read all the great emails on the message board about my last email. Thank you for that! There is so much more to that story and to my life that I'll be sharing with you. Especially, around this movie that Oprah and I are executive producing. It's called PRECIOUS. As we get closer I'll tell you more about it but in doing so I will be sharing a lot of my past. The movie is so powerful.

On another note, I know a lot of you had concerns about this woman. Thanks for the well wishes on the board. All I have to say about it is don't be concerned. It's all fine. I can't talk about it as she is in jail and this has to run its course through the court system. Just know that I'm fine. All is well here. I gotta tell you when I imagined doing well, I didn't see all of this crap that comes along with it. But I wouldn't regret this blessing for nothing in the world. Smile...

Talk to you soon,


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