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Friday, May 29, 2009

TweetThis! Photo: The every day struggle for an elderly Tanzanian. But why?

Roughly, this is part of a real world to most of the older generation in Tanzania:
Having to wake up very early, walk a distant to fetch for a bucket of water (often not clean) from the spring and wells (mostly dug since the natural springs and wells are becoming distinct - thanks to weather changes), wandering in the farms and wild areas collecting wood for fire, if lucky pick some greens, get back home, grind some maize/corn, prepare what you've got for at least a single meal in a day for you and your grand children.

My worry is, we seem not to hasten our ways in trying to get out of this misery!
What worries me even more is that, it's almost half a century since we 'gained our independence' but we seem to have not nailed down a proper method on how to use our natural resources in order to simplify our ordinary lives or at least sustain basic needs for all. If other countries have done it, why is it so hard for us? Why is it impossible to learn from the successes and mistakes of others and move on? Why do we have to first go through the same paths of trial and error which failed other countries before we admit that, well, it was surely a bad route, make a note that this and similar other mistakes doesn't happen again?

The woman see in the picture (below) represents one too many you will assuredly find in various locales in Tanzania. I have been to several regions and all that I see it the same thing. Everywhere. My father of the Nation, the late J.K.Nyerere once said words similar to thse, 'kuwa kiongozi ni mzigo, ni mzigo, kila unapopita barabarni ukakutana na watu wenye matatizo, unayabeba, yanakuwa matatizo yako', literally meaning that, 'a real leader will always empathize with the citizen, their hardships, you take their problems as yours', I think our great father would have added that '... and find ways to solve them' and in todays society, I would add, '...by working together with what is workable and that which unites us'.

May gracious God full of mercy, so much bless them!
...but why?
Above photos by MwanaMdaki Mnyamwezi. Visit him at: http://gideonline-giddy.blogspot.com

Above photo by blogger and photo-journalist Mroki Mroki

Above photos (B & W) from Flickr

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