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Saturday, May 02, 2009

TweetThis! Award for mentoring students and professionals in both fisheries and natural resources science

Mentoring for Professional Diversity

The Equal Opportunities Section of the American Fisheries Society sponsors an annual award for mentoring students and professionals in both fisheries and natural resources science. This award is designed to recognize a member who has contributed to increasing demographic diversity in both fisheries and natural resources fields by being a mentor to students and/or professionals from underrepresented groups, including women, ethnic groups (African American, Native American, Hispanic, Asian Pacific, etc.), and disabled persons.

The mentor award will be presented at the annual EOS meeting, being held in Nashville, Tennessee from August 30-September 3, 2009. We encourage you to nominate a professor, colleague, or someone who you feel deserves such recognition.

The following criteria are to be met by the nominee:
• Nominees should provide academic and/or professional guidance with networking, goal setting, and career development.
• Nominees should challenge and provide intellectual growth and support to individuals.
• Nominees should provide advocacy and be a positive role model.
• Nominees should provide encouragement, support (Academic, professional and
personal), and acknowledgment of accomplishments to individuals.
• Nominees should foster long-term development with individuals.

The deadline for submission of nominations for the 2009 award is June 15, 2009. Please submit the following information (in PDF of MS Word only):

Application (pdf)
• Summary of nominee’s qualities (less than 500 words or one page)
• A letter of recommendation from a colleague of the nominee

Thank you for being a part of AFS and EOS. Your contributions help to recognize those who promote diversity in the fisheries and natural resources profession. If you have any questions or have suggestions about how the EOS can more effectively promote diversity, please contact me or the current section president, Dr. Larry A. Alade, at email larry.alade@noaa.gov

We look forward to hearing from you!


Michele L. Traver
EOS Mentoring for Professional Diversity Chair
AFS Equal Opportunities Section

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