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Sunday, April 26, 2009

TweetThis! Operation aborted - IE cannot open the internet site?

It was quite interesting  last week when a friend of mine told me that he could not visit my blog because he kept on getting this message: "......Operation aborted" each time when trying to open this blog's url address. At first he thought his computer had a problem, but he kept on getting the same message when he tried to use three different computers (home, library, school). Finally he sent me a message.

As usual, I started hunting for an answer from the internet. I quickly learned that, the problem could originate from the site user or site owner.
I immediately email back my friend advising him to update his IE to the latest version and if possible, to stop using IE and start using Firefox and Google Chrome. I prefer Google Chrome for it's ability to load faster and use a small computer memory (only that it can't open some secure pages of some websites but that's fine, FireFox does that job for me).

Since my computer has IE8, it was impossible to experience the real frustration of 'operation aborted' so I asked my friend to not uninstall IE that reported the problem until I could find the solution to it and that, if I fail I'd give up and let him know; to which he agreed and kept sending a feedback.
  • I started cleaning my template's html. That did not seem to solve the problem.
  • Then I embarked on uninstalling one widget after another hoping that in the process of doing so, the problem will be gone, but it didn't.I only ended up loosing some useful widgets which, eh, the blog could survive without anyway.
But, wait, the site was loading just fine the day before, with all the widgets installed, up and running - so this could have not caused the problem.
  • I then thought it could be related to some posts published that day. So, I went ahead and deleted all the posts on that particular day. This was my final attempt to solve the problem as I had started to create a new template for my blog... in the middle of doing so, I received a message from my friend saying that the problem had resolved. It was a sigh of relief. Anyway, I continued with my new project of creating a new template and finally the following day I got rid of my older version and installed the newest one.
Well, it's yet another chapter in my life of blogging : good and bad moments! - expect both.

2 feedback :

Clement said... Thu Jun 18, 04:10:00 AM MST  

I am expiriencing the same problem, I have read somewhere that the followers gadget contributes to the problem but I have been having it for a while now without incumbering this problem. The problem just stated yesterday and it has reduced my blog traffic significantly coz most of my visitors have IE version which is prone to "operation aborted" error.
My Url is http://www.pwaniraha.com
Kisha hongera kwa kuwa na blog nzuri ambayo ni nyepesi ku-load.

Subi said... Thu Jun 18, 04:19:00 AM MST  

Whoa, Clement, I just visited your blog, it's so cool, I mean simple and neat. I used IE6 (at work) and it just loaded the page just fine. No error alert. I will try to visit you page at home and see if I get any error messages, then I will keep you posted.
Thanks for visiting and for a feedback (that this blog's loading speed is reasonable), I always try to find ways to not compromise the load speed, i.e. minimize # of widgets and images.
Good day!

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