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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

TweetThis! Raisi Kibaki ana mke mmoja and Lucy is ready for questions au...

One of the things I look forward to after a hard day of work and stress, is reading my favorite refreshing blog-sites and watching funny videos, but the secret of all the laughter lies in the comments section. I just can not imagine managing to pass a day without a laughter especially when I know where to get it, for free. C'mon. One has to be thankful for free things.

Well, perhaps you will get to understand what I mean after you see this YouTube video uploaded by one Kenyan Tv station - KTN and read a few comments I have copied here that made up my day. LOL with me...
instead of talking about unga he is talking about his wives- shame on you and the whole world is watching am changing my nationality from today
leave lucy alone and stop rattling the snake. wacha bibi mdogo to rattle his snake
Notice only one dear wife Lucy breathing so hard....she is trying sooo hard not to punch someone called media. If looks could kill...
mama lucy washa kushapa mzee,he i really frightened by her!
lfamoooo..lucy luks like she wants to chapa smeone..anapumua sana
njerikaranja Roocy looks like she's about to pounce on the media. LOL. Seriously, this is media intimidation. Ati "ask any questions". Yeah, at your own risk! And another thing. Why hold a press conference? Just go to court mr president!
kwani ana bibi wangapi?
ahah....Lucy must have held a dagger on Kibaki's neck.And Kibaki is so eloquent today....may be Kenyans need Lucy to stand by him everytime in public so that he doesn't talk incoherently
This can be made into a classic comedy. Why should we be subjected to marital issues of the Head of State. I am embarrased to be a Kenya.

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