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Friday, March 27, 2009

TweetThis! Just for laughs : Baba wa Taifa

God asked Jomo Kenyatta how many children he had during his time on earth. He replied saying he had three!
Happy with the relatively good family planning adopted, God gave Kenyatta a Mercedes!
Edward Sokoine is asked the same question. When he replies he had 10 children, God is a bit upset and gives him a cheaper car, the Ford.
Abeid Karume is next.
He decides to see what happens if he says he had 15 children God is pretty angry and gives him an inexpensive Maruti.
Sometime later the three (Jomo, Abeid and Sokoine) saw J.K.Nyerere returning on foot not even with Bajaj!
They ask why God hadn't given him anything. Nyerere replied in anger, "Some idiot told God that I was the FATHER OF THE NATION!"

Thanks  Mg!

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