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Thursday, March 12, 2009

TweetThis! German School Shooting teen was 'Sick Of Life'

In case you haven't heard:
"Bernd, I've had it, I'm sick of this life it's always the same old stuff. Everyone laughs at me, nobody recognizes my potential. I'm serious Bernd - I have a weapon here. Early tomorrow morning I will go to my former school and really toast them. Maybe I'll go too. Keep your ears open, Bernd, you will hear from me tomorrow, remember the name of a place called Winnenden. No reports to the police now, don't worry. I'm just baiting you."
That was a transcript from an internet chat released by the German authority regarding the Winnenden school shootings by a 17 year old boy whe ended up killing 15 people.

Just like many other internet initiated episodes, the chat members did not take the warning seriously as it is quoted, one saying, 'LOL' = laughing out loud, the other saying he would only believe it if he saw pictures.

Reports says that, the boy told his father about the plan but 'he did not take it seriously'. Unfortunately, the boy was suffering from depression. He was treated in a clinic sometimes in 2008 and was to attend another clinic but did not show up.

"Then our teacher closed the door and said we should close the windows and sit on the floor," a student narrates. Apparently the principle annouced, 'Frau Koma'. Koma = reverse of amok; Amoklauf = school shootings (Germany). These coded words were developed out by German educators following the school shootings in Erfurt (2002).

From home. His father, being a member of the local gun club had stored 15 firearms with a 'multitude of amunition' and although the weapons were locked away in a secure place, there was one pistol left in the bedroom.

After the killings, candles and flowers were laid in place with many notes and messages reading,'why?' one sign read, "God: Where were you?"

What I have learned: keep your weapon very secure or just don't buy one; take care of the sick ones, especially the mentally sick, and build habit of taking things with caution and seriousness, this e-world has caused havoc of a varying magnitude, you don't have to add to the statistic. "If you can't be a good example definitely you will be a terrible warning".

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