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Monday, February 09, 2009

TweetThis! 'wow' weblinks

  • CountOnIt - Online word count application for a quick word count in PDF, Text, HTML, XML and CSV files.
  • Fatburgr - When you go to a restaurant, do you know the nutritional content of what you're ordering? We didn't either. Fatburgr gives you nutritional information from your favorite restaurants.
  • CriminalSearches - Do you really know these people? Do they have a criminal background? Are your children safe with them? For those living in the USA and anywhere applicable, this site could help you out in answering some of these questions.
  • 123people search - Find everyone you (want to) know! 123people is a free people search engine where photos, videos, email addresses, and social network profiles are at your desktop.
  • Username Check - a website to check availability of a preffered username from more than 50 sites ranging from email providers to social networking site.
  • TubeChop - Chop a YouTube video and share with others the part you only want them to see.
  •  WizHelp- Remotely access someone’s desktop eg. to help out with some technical problems or maybe share your screen sessions. Works both with Macs and Windows PCs. No downloading or installing any software necessary.
  • ConnectMe - Send free SMS messages to any mobile phone within US and Canada.
  • ImageToVideo - Upload your photos and let them be converted to an mpeg slideshow video. There is an option to add an audio track that you want to play on the background.
  • Bug.gd - Solutions for computer and other type of errors across online.

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