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Sunday, February 22, 2009

TweetThis! Non-UK-born? No Masters. No work!

Boy, this life is getting tougher and tougher, I am starting to wonder if I was supposed to be in this world or not... whew! Read with me:

According to news published on the BBC website skilled people with hopes and dreams of working and living in the UK will have to wake up or dream in colors in order to get the message that as from April, non-EU workers planning to go to Britain without securing a job beforehand must have a master's degree, in other words, your bachelor's degree will not help you get a job in the UK!

Statistics shows that until last year, the number of non-UK-born workers in Britain reached 3.8M.

The UK's home secretary, Jacqui Smith, has said that immigrants should not be able to take a skilled job in the UK unless it has been advertised to British workers.
"I'm proposing, for example, that it shouldn't be possible for somebody to come into this country to take a skilled job unless that job has been advertised to a British worker through Jobcentre Plus." From April, non-EU workers wanting to come to Britain without securing a job beforehand must have a master's degree - rather than a bachelor's degree, as currently - and a previous salary equivalent to at least £20,000. "I am actually raising the bar," Ms Smith said adding, "I am proposing that we should more clearly link those areas where there are shortages of skills in this country with actually trying to grow the skills within British workers... "So we'll be putting skills reviews, skills action alongside everywhere where we identify a shortage."
She also ordered an investigation into the impact of the arrival of families of immigrant workers adding:
"There are all sorts of questions that we might want to ask here: their access to the labour market; the extent to which they, as well as the people that they are coming with, need to demonstrate the contribution that they are going to make to the UK economy," she said.
With the move, their projection is to cut 12,000 immigrants every year.

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