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Monday, February 16, 2009

TweetThis! MMMF Educational Grants—South Africa, Academic Year 2010

For students from developing countries who are currently studying in South Africa at either the University of Pretoria or University of Cape Town, the MMMF awards grants approximately $4,000 each; grants are not renewable. Follow the application procedure below.
Online Application: available online from June 1, 2009 until August 31, 2009.
Deadline for submitting completed applications: midnight August 31, 2009
Results: ONLY successful applicants will be notified around December 1, 2009

Eligibility Criteria , for students studying at the University of Pretoria or University of Cape Town
Application Procedure , for students studying at the University of Pretoria or University of Cape Town

Eligibility Criteria
A woman is eligible to apply for an MMMF grant if she meets all the following criteria:
1. Have a record of service to women and/or children in her country.
2. Reside in the South Afirca at the time she submits the application.
3. Be enrolled at the University of Pretoria or the University of Cape Town when applying and remain enrolled during the entire year of the grant.
4. Use the grant to continue to study for her degree.
5. Be a citizen of a World Bank lower or middle income member country (Country Eligibility List )
6. Plan to return to a developing country in about two years after receiving the grant.
7. Demonstrate financial need.
8. Be at least 25 years old by December 31, 2009.
9. Not be related to any World Bank Group staff member or his/her or her spouse.

The governing body of the MMMF has established the criteria and regrets that it can make no exception.

Click APPLICATION PROCEDURE to learn more.

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