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Thursday, January 15, 2009

TweetThis! 'wow' weblinks

  • Voike - It's all about voice. An all new concept in social internet platforms allowing users to voice emotions by phone. Post your voice at any time from anywhere, through a phone call.
  • DeadFake - Send an email to whoever you want, make make it looks like it's coming from anyone you like. I sent myself a trial message filling the 'from' box with 'raisi@ikulu.go.tz' and it was delivered to my gmail inbox with a sender name "Raisi" and email address 'raisi@ikulu.go.tz'
  • OnlineCollegeBlog - Not only can you read online college reviews, but perform an online degree search, check out hundreds of online education articles, learn about credit for life experience, find out how to finance your online degree, or just see what online learning is all about
  • Toxel - A collection of the best and most useful design resources.
  • Transmute - utility that lets you synchronize, organize and convert bookmarks between different web browsers.
  • PicMarkR - an easy way to add custom watermark (image or text) to your images online and free. Very useful when you need to protect your copyrights or if you want to add comments to your photos.
  • FilePhile - A desktop file sending tool that makes it easy to send out large files to friends No size limit. No bandwidth usage limit. If you didn't like the fact that you have to download FilePhile and the hassle of adding up buddies before you could send them files, why not try out the online 300MB limit USAUpload?
  • TechSupportCenter - Free Computer Support! Your Questions Answered By Experienced Computer Professionals for free to users of all experience levels, answering questions from simple hardware compatibility to complex operating system re-installs. Submit your question or issue and their support team will review and respond to your question within 24 - 48 hours.
  • Smushit - developers would love this feature as it offers a service that uses image format specific non-lossy image optimization tools to squeeze the last bytes out of your images - without changing their look or visual quality.
  • Amazon Discount Finder - If you buy things from Amazon or if you would like to tame things on sale on that site, then this tool is for you. It searches for discounted items by category and discount range (ex. 50% and more).

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