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Friday, January 09, 2009

TweetThis! 'wow' weblinks

  • iPooq - Yet another non-stop YouTube videos player on a topic of your choice, be it by category, tag or on lists from iTunes store.
  • FlashOffliner - A simple freeware program that takes raw .swf flash files and turn them into playable games offline.
  • RapGet - Rapidshare downloaders will love this lil' monster. RapGet is a small standalone Rapidshare download client ~ 200KB, which will download multiple files from Rapidshare for RapidShare Premium Account holders; RapidShare Free account holders were not left out, for them, RapGet will download one file at a time and then automatically wait for a specified period of time before it attempts to download the next scheduled file. All you have to do is to just enter all Rapidshare URL’s you need to download files from. Other programs that can do the same job are: CryptLoad, jDownloader and for Firefox users, there are a tonnes of addons to choose from, click here to to see the list.
  • JoikuSpot Light - An 100% wireless software that lets you to use your mobile phone’s 3G connection into a wi-fi hotspot. It can be connected to a laptop or PC. No more of USB's neither Bluetooth nor Cables. That's absolutely 100% wire-nada. zero. niente. LESS!
  • Synthasite and Weebly - These are two very simple clients that will let you build your own website with no ads! just free web, and you are ready to go!
  • Bloglovin - An alternative to RSS reader if you don’t want to use other feed readers. Create a simple list of blogs you want to follow and get notified when the blogs are updated with a new post.
  • LucidChart - An online flowchart maker application to create and publish customized flowcharts.
  • WPClipart - A free clip art collection of images to choose and use for presentations.
  • SoundCloud - A place for an easy and effective way to publicly or privately share and access music.
  • Taxi Magic -  A tool for iPhone users. It features taxi computer dispatch systems that lets you book taxis instantly. You get live updates of where your taxi is, and when it will come.
  • LetterWhiz -  A place that harbors a multitude of free, fully customizable letter templates for all occasions such as:

    • business (employee relations, announcements)
    • career (cover letters, job promotions, resignations)
    • love / special occasions (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries)
    • personal (apologies, family invitations, (for sale/to buy) letters)
    • educational (applications, scholarships, presentations)

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