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Monday, January 12, 2009

TweetThis! International Training for Health Professionals

Galillee College, Israel – 2009

The International Centre of Excellence for Health Management (ICEHM) cordially invites you to apply and partake in our internationally acclaimed programmes within the health sector, which have been scheduled for 2009.

During these programmes, participants will be able to associate and exchange ideas with other professionals from all around the world, in addition to benefiting from the extensive knowledge gained through the Israeli experience. Please note that these programmes are of various levels of expertise and seniority. I will be happy to provide more information regarding the specific programme you are interested in.

1. The "Health Systems Management" programme is intended for senior hospital directors, senior physicians and health personnel and focuses on a wide range of issues encountered in health systems management and the strategies and techniques for handling them (May and November 2009).

2. The "Community Based Prevention, Management and Treatment of HIV/AIDS" programme is designed for government and non-governmental (NGO) professionals responsible for community health projects to prevent, control and treat the HIV/AIDS epidemic. (May and November 2009).

3.The "Crisis and Mass Disaster Management" seminar is designed to provide a setting for senior officers and decision makers on the national policy level to deepen their understanding of current crisis and mass disaster issues, (July, 2009)

4. The "Community Management and Prevention of Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation of Addicts" programme is designed for professionals involved in the rehabilitation of substance abusers; social workers, psychologists, managers of rehabilitation centres, educators, etc. (May and November 2009)

5. The "Management of Human Resources in the Health Sector" is aimed at HR personnel who wish to extend their understanding of HRM processes and consequently their influence on organizational and individual effectiveness in the health sector (December 2009).

Kindly convey the following information onto the relevant Officials/Departments for their immediate attention and response.

In preparation for 2009 health Management programmes, I ask that you submit to me the names of your nominated candidates before the end of March 2009. The purpose of this request is to assist us in preparing our 2009 Tuition Scholarship Budget.

Should you wish to recommend a candidate or participate yourself, you may register online via our website http://www.galilcol.ac.il, or you may contact me directly by fax or email.

I am looking forward to a fruitful collaboration

With kind regards,

Mrs. Racheli Michaelis
Programmes Director
International Centre of Excellence for Health Management (ICEHM)
Galillee College, ISRAEL

Email: rmichaelis@galilcol.ac.il

College's Website: www.galilcol.ac.il
Tel: 972-4-6428888
Fax: 972-4-6514811

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