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Thursday, January 29, 2009

TweetThis! International Postgraduate Programme in Epidemiology open for applications

IPPE Applications
Call for applications (pdf)
IPPE announcement (pdf)

Application period
The call for IPPE will be open between January 1 and March 15 in the year 2009.

Application criteria
The admission criteria to the doctoral programme is a master's degree (equivalent to at least four years of study) in a relevant study area. Priority will be given students who have a research plan or at least a preliminary idea of a research project that can be used as research material for the doctoral degree in epidemiology. The aim is that students will complete the theoretical studies and their research plan in Finland and possibly start the data analysis, but that a large proportion of research will be conducted in the students' home countries after the theoretical studies. After completing their independent work on the dissertation the students will return to Tampere to finalize their work and have the oral examination (defence).

Application form (electronic form)
Application form (doc)

Required attachments to the application form
  1. Cover letter
  2. Curriculum Vitae (maximum three pages)
  3. A list of publications in
    - domestic scientific journals
    - international scientific journals
    - other publications
  4. Certified copies of
    - university degree certificates
    - official statement of English skills
    - passport
  5. A draft of research plan for the doctoral dissertation (max 5 pages)
  6. A letter of recommendation from a distinguished person in science, public health or education (max three letters, one preferably from the current employer)
Application dead-line
Applications should be sent to Catarina Ståhle-Nieminen, address below, by March 15, 2009.

Programme head
Suvi Virtanen, Professor
e-mail: suvi.m.virtanen@uta.fi
Inquiries and contact information

Catarina Ståhle-Nieminen, International coordinator
Tampere School of Public Health
FIN-33014 University of Tampere
Tel. +358 3 3551 7803
Fax: +358 3 3551 6057
e-mail: catarina.stahle-nieminen@uta.fi

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