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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

TweetThis! Electronic Records Management Capacity Building Course

Invitation to attend the Electronic Records Management Capacity Course: “Managing the transition in Records Management” 11-13 February 2008, TGDLC, Dar es Salaam , Tanzania .

Organization and every individual has records! Business offices, government agencies, non-profit groups, educational institutions, and medical facilities-just to name a few-must deal with enormous amounts of records on a daily basis. Records must be managed from the time they are created or received, through distribution, use, and maintenance, until they are finally destroyed or permanently archived. Well managed records are essential if government and organisations are to function effectively, develop and implement policy, plan and take decisions regardless of the media on which the record is stored, the record must be properly managed to be an asset to the organization.

It is from this background that AeRC in collaboration with Tanzania Global Development Learning Centre is hosting a three-day (11-13 February 2008)capacity building workshop on Electronic Records Management in Dar es Salaam , Tanzania to bring information managers to speed with this very powerful process. The workshop will provide participants with both a theoretical and practicalunderstanding of the key concepts of Electronic Records Management. This Records Management course will give a basic overview of records management terminology, concepts, and procedures to successfully manage records in today's offices.

The Course will seek to answer frequently asked questions such as:should records be stored on paper, in an electronic format, in a microform? How is a Records Inventory conducted? What are the steps in the development of an Organisations Records Retention Schedule? How are records archived? This course will assist participants in making those decisions based upon certain characteristics of the records.

The Electronics Management Course will cover areas such us:
  • Methodologies and technologies for managing electronic records
  • Development of metadata model, classification schemes and access control
  • Retention schedule and disposition
  • Digital preservation techniques
  • Legislation, standards and regulations
  • Implementation planning execution
Who should attend?

Government, NGOs and Private Sector Organisations charged with enhancing information systems which rely on well-managed and accurate records, areas such as research, health, education, human resource management just to mention a few.

By the end of this course, the participant will have learnt about.

To understand the various criteria used in appraisal.
  • What is records Appraisal
  • Objectives for Records appraisal
  • Challenges encountered during appraisal
  • Draw the differences between Electronic and Manual records in an organization
  • To understand types of electronic records
  • To appreciate the benefits accrued to effective electronic records management practices
  • Explain the terms, “records retention”, “disposal” and records protection
  • Explain the importance of a records retention programmes focusing on the economic and legal benefits of establishing a programme
  • Understand the principles and steps involved in the development of records retention schedules for their implementation.
The workshop will be conducted in both plenary and group session with participants taking hands-on activities.

The registration fee for the workshop is US$ 715 which will cover all the documentation, administration and mea ls during the workshop. To participate in this workshop, please fill out the attached registration form and return it to the email or fax indicated. Due to the nature of the course we have a limited number of spaces available and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Steve Njenga.
African eDevelopment Resource Centre
eDevelopment House, Old Muthaiga
604 Limuru Road
PO Box 49475 - 00100
Nairobi, Kenya

Cel +254 721 749 239, +254 735 430858
Land +254 20 3741646/7
Email: steve@africanedevelopment.org

AeRC is D.I.T Registered trainer.

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