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Friday, December 19, 2008

TweetThis! Mapanki: remembering the film documentary "Darwin's Nightmate"

"Darwin's Nightmare" is a 2004 documentary film written and directed by French-Belgian-Austrian, Mr. Hubert Sauper.

"The Nile Perch" is a little fish that was introduced in lake Victoria (Tanzania, Africa) for experimentation in the 1960's.

This fish, a voracious predator, extinguished almost the entire stock of the native fish species. However, it multiplied so fast, that its white fillets are today exported all around the world. It is probably one of the most affordable fish you can buy at the supermarket. It has been used as an ingredient for frozen recipes of fried fish bars for schools, restaurants, fast foods etc.

Mr. Sauper went to Tanzania to document on the environmental and social effects of this huge fishing industry around lake Victoria. What he discovered will probably get your attention. Huge hulking Russian cargo planes come daily to collect the latest catch in exchange for Kalashnikovs and ammunition which fuels the uncounted wars in the center of the African continent. The global industry of weapons-fish has created an nothing but poverty, prostitution, crime, violence, war, HIV/AIDS and homeless children on the shores of this world’s biggest tropical lake (Victoria).

This documentary will show you: why, how, and where this fish comes from and end up in your mouth.
May be you should stop. ... and think. ... but do you care, anyway? I thought so.

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