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Sunday, November 30, 2008

TweetThis! HIV - The AIDS virus pt 1/4

As I woke up in the middle of sleep last night, I thought about the people who are in a death row.
I placed myself in their position, I still didn't get a clear answer.
I imagined the situation they are in and how they feel, in the end, I ended up with feelings of fear and despair.

But as the little thoughts slowly drew me back to sleep, I asked myself:
"Haven't you cared for people living with HIV/AIDS?"
"Haven't you lost relatives and friends due to HIV/AIDS?"
"Haven't you been indirectly affected by HIV/AIDS?" r' u givin' up now?
Are you not still caring for people living with HIV/AIDS?
Don't you still have relatives and friends living with HIV/AIDS?

If  despair is what you have chosen, and fear is what you feel, what good will it do?

Then I thought of the little things I have done and how I have impacted some people's lives.
Than I said to myself, it was not in vain. It is not over yet. Don't give up yet. No. There is still hope.  There is a lot more waiting.
You can only imagine. You can only think. But, you can empathize, you can still care. You can help anybody living with HIV/AIDS.
I say, yes, I am here to help. I am here to care. I am here to pray. I will extend my hand. I promise to do all that I can to fight this virus. This is my promise!
Wherever you are, there is nothing that can't be done. It might be difficult, it may take a little longer but it eventually will be done and come to pass. Yes, this too can be done. We shall overcome this as well.
May you continue to live in hope. Hang in there. And may the strange people show you love when your own people have deserted you! Victory is ours!
Subira S.T. (Subi)
December 1st, 2008!

I am starting a new series of four videos. In this series, I will be posting videos about how it was in the beginning of the Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV) - The AIDS virus.
These four videos will be of a documentary that gives one of the most comprehensive accounts of how the world has, in part, responded in the battle against the most devastating disease since the Black Plague wiped out one third of Europe's population in the Middle Ages - the AIDS virus.

Let's begin with the first video, the early days of HIV/AIDS.

Points I gathered from watching this video
  • HIV in itself is not, in the strictest sense, a form of life
  • It is 150 times smaller than the white blood cell it attacks
  • It weakens the body by destroying the body's immunity/defense system
  • How doctors come to discover their patients had HIV
  • The discovery of the HIVirus
  • June 1981, first publication by CDC about the rare case of Pneumonia, PCP, to what is now termed AIDS
  • HIV (the new disease) connected with gay lifestyle (IV drug use & many sexual partners) and slogan 'GRID' (Gay Related Immune Deficiency)
  • HIV entering the blood system through USA national blood supply for blood transfusion, hemophiliacs impacted; takes 2 years to allow safeguard on donated blood & blood products
  • 'Tracing the origins of the AIDS pandemic', Dr. Beatrice Huhn discovers the animal source of the virus

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