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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

TweetThis! Yatokanayo na uchaguzi wa Marekani

Listen to BBC's funny presenters talking about the US campaign towards the national presidential election, 2008.

Listen to Sarah Palin's prank call  (click the button to listen)
Breaking News:
All Kenyans living in the USA without 'makaratasi' are
required to report to the DMV office for immediate status adjustment. Call
1-8KARA-TASI for more info.
Hawa ni baadhi ya watoto waliobatizwa leo huko Kanyigo Bukoba Tanzania: Rweiobama, Mutayobama, Barackrugumbiza, Kokuhabwobama, Rutaihwobama...
O - Originally
B - Borm in
A - Africa
M - Managing
A - America
Comedian Chris Rock was interviewed on TV and when asked who he thinks will win the US presidency, he answered: "Obama".
The journalist then asked him, Why do you think Obama will win?
He replied:” This guy is from Kenya . Have you ever run a race with a Kenyan and won? "

On a serious note:
Please forgive my bad mouth but history as it is, good for and congratulations to the USA president elect and to all those who have made and witnessed the change. My memory reminds me that 'action speaks louder than words' and I think we go down the history for what we do and how we contribute for the betterment of mankind. Sweet words requires a backing of action. The first step is done. Now everybody let's go to work and implement those much spoken ideal words of change and 'yes we can'. The other side is highly awaiting to be proved otherwise, short of that they will rise with stars pointing out how the 'black race' is not so equal to the other being and never ready to lead.
Either way, it was a good historic event, but I have work waiting. I am off to work now, it's a part that defines my dignity after all...
.... have a good one (day/night)

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