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Thursday, November 27, 2008

TweetThis! PhD Training Positions in Hanover

We are currently recruiting talented and motivated students to initiate a PhD training in Hanover to study the role of dendritic cell subsets and Tregs in allergy and infection. A special focus will be regulatory mechanisms involved in suppression of immune responses during inflammatory disease. Our lab uses cutting-edge genetic technology, based on Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes, to generate novel mouse models for the in vivo and ex vivo study of dendritic cell subsets and Tregs. High resolution immunofluorescence histology and flow cytometry are among the main analytical tools involved in these studies. The laboratory is at the Institute for Infection Immunology, Centre for Clinical and Experimental Infection Research, Twincore, and enjoys many interactions with other groups interested in the innate immune response, toll-like-receptors and regulation of the immune system.

The candidates should have experience in molecular biology, and show interest in addressing both fundamental and translational issues. Candidates should send a CV, official college transcripts and GRE scores, a brief outline of their research experience and interests, and two letters of reference by email to:
Prof. Dr. T. Sparwasser
Institut für Infektionsimmunologie
30625 Hannover
Tel: +49-89 4140-6720
Fax: +49-511 220027-148

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