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Thursday, November 27, 2008

TweetThis! Doctoral student position in molecular evolution

Department of Evolution, Genomics and Systematics, Uppsala University, Sweden, invites applications for Doctoral student position in molecular evolution with the focus on genome evolution of microbial eukaryotes

The doctoral student will be part of a comparative genomics project on the protist group diplomonads under the supervision of Dr. Jan Andersson  (jan.andersson@ebc.uu.se). The information below can be found at http://www.personalavd.uu.se/ledigaplatser/2693dorand_eng.htm

Project description:
* * Diplomonads are a group of anaerobic microbial eukaryotes that have two cell nuclei. The human intestinal parasite /Giardia lamblia /belongs to diplomonads, but there are also free-living members of the group. The project will study how genetic information is transferred between the two nuclei, among diplomonads, and betweendiplomonads and other organisms, over evolutionary time. The aim is an understanding how these and other evolutionary processes interact with various lifestyles within the group.

* *Comparative genomic methods will be used on data generated with
next-generation sequencing methods from a diversity of diplomonads. The
project will have a strong bioinformatic component, but also molecular
biology methods may be included. The results from this project are
relevant for epidemiological studies, although the main focus will be on
a deeper understanding of genome evolution of microbial eukaryotes.
* The position will be within a creative international research
environment at the Department of Genomics, Evolution and Systematics
(http://www.egs.uu.se/) at Uppsala University (http://www.uu.se/en/).
The project is in collaboration with research groups in Sweden and Canada.

 * We are looking for an excellent, strongly motivated candidate with a keen interest in microbial evolution. The PhD position requires a Master of Science, or equivalent, in bioinformatics, microbiology, molecular biology, or in a field which is relevant for the topic of the project. *Your application* should include a short description of research interests and relevant experiences, curriculum vitae, copy of relevant exam and notes, master’s thesis or an outline thereof, and other relevant information you wish to include. Candidates are asked to provide names of at least two reference persons or to include letters of recommendation.

For appointment as PhD student it is required that the PhD student is accepted to the researcher’s education. The position may include departmental duties at a lvel of at most 20% (typically teaching).
Local guidelines for the salary class are applicable. Starting date as soon as possible.

*Information concerning the PhD position can be obtained from Associate Professor Jan Andersson, e-mail: jan.andersson@ebc.uu.se
Web page: http://www.egs.uu.se/molev/staff/xxJA.html.
Representatives of the labor unions are Anders Grundström, SACO, phone +4618-471 5380, Carin
Söderhäll, TCO/ST, phone +4618-471 1996, and Stefan Djurström, SEKO, phone +4618-471 3315.

*You are welcome to submit your written application, the latest on December 1, 2008, to the address: Registrator, UFV-PA 2008/2693, Uppsala universitet, Box 256, S-751 05 Uppsala, Sweden; or via fax: +4618-471 2000 or via e-mail, to: registrator@uu.se
 If an application is sent by fax or e-mail, it has to be completed by a written application within a week’s time after the deadline of the application period.*

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