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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

TweetThis! Zimbabwe violence - shoking photos

We pray for Zimbabweans, but, what more can we do to prevent violence escalation?Unyama huu ni wa kishetani kabisa. Ah.Every human being has their up and down points. Every kingdom will rise and eventually fall. Humans are not made to lead or rule forever as if there were no other people fit to take over power.What does Mugabe think will happen when he dies? I don't believe he will say nature will take it's course, neither do I want to assume that this is less an issue to think about at the moment. Even God sent prophets were given vision to appoint successors. Who has Mugabe trained? Isn't that a sign of failure itself? Why can't he see it that way? Why can't he agree that he did help liberate Zimbabwe but his ideas of leading the country at this era are not working and possibly never going to? Why can't he see that he is dividing than uniting brethren?Why is it so hard to step down and give way for others to lead anyway?Kuzeeka vibaya hakuna mfano mzuri zaidi ya huu. Kuielewa filosofia ya ung'ang'anizi wa madaraka hakueleweki vizuri zaidi ya mfano huu.Ndiyo hivi tena siku zote najisemea, "siasa si hasa bali visa na mikasa".Info source and credit goes to Dr. Faustine's baraza.

Graphic pictures-Zimbabwe violence

Zimbabweans are paying the highest price for democracy. Africa is starting to wake up and confront Mugabe for his gross abuse of human rights?
These pictures tell all about violence in Zimbabwe. It shows what the incumbent Government is willing to do to stay in power. More details and pictures in Mail and Guardian

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subi said... Mon Nov 10, 05:22:00 AM MST  

It's sad indeed.
All the credits for this post goes to everybody who allowed me to use their pictures and words here and with that humble heart, I say, it is okay "JohnTheMule" to use the contents of this blog to condemn all acts of violence and spread the message of love, promoting peace and harmony in all mankind .
Thanks for visiting.

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