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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

TweetThis! The Savers thrift shop [updated]

Click here to locate 'Savers' in your area
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Why shop at thrift stores? besides, "The stuff's been USED by someone who may have a poor hygiene" .... okay, well, my answer at the last paragraph.. for now, let me share with you the secrets of shopping at Savers

Mondays: a 99 Cents day at Savers on the tag that was on sale the previous week.

Tuesdays or Wednesdays (check your local store): a Senior Discount Day. Folks 55 and older get 40% off.

Thursdays: one color goes on sale for 50% off. Savers tags each item with a color-coded price tag - purple, blue, yellow, orange, green, etc. Every Thursday, no matter what the item, if it has that color tag, it's 50% off. And the color stays on sale through the week, including Sunday.What will you find at Saver's? Almost EVERYTHING.

Please visit their site for more.

I shop at thrift stores because, I want to save, I get things that are unique, It's my kind of place where I don't feel nervous...ahem, and for the 'dirty part' ..... well, everything is washable and/or dryclean-able and some allow the use of light detergents to kill germs.

I have also came across another good place where one can save some $$, the GoodWill store. Check their site for a listing of stores near you.

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