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Saturday, March 17, 2007

TweetThis! IELTS, TOEFL-iBT, CGFNS & NCLEX, Health related links

The websites listed here were very helpful when I was preparing for my exams, I am sharing hoping that they will be helpful to someone else. My apology if a site went down hence a dead link.

  1. PolyU ELC IELTS
  2. Holmesglen IELTS Preparation Website
  3. The IELTS-Blog
  4. IELTS Teaching Resource at Cambridge website
  5. Exam English - the IELTS
  6. IELTS at Writefix
  7. IELTS Guide
  8. Online IELTS Demo
  9. Study skills Practice
  10. The IELTS Community Portal at rxpgonline
TestDEN -This site has 2 tests typical of the new TOEFL-iBT format, you should take it seriously as you will be given a password that can can only be used within 15days from the issuing date. For that matter, you will need to use an active email so that their computer can send you the Password you will need to enter and get an access to the Tests.

Also visit these other English learning sites :
  1. freeENGLISH 
  2. ExamWorld 
  3. OWL
  4. Teacher Joe - free English grammar, speaking, reading, and writing also contains links to other helpful websites.
  5. ESL - this site contains resources and practical help and exercises for learning and practicing English.
  6. ESL Cafe - for exercises, chat groups, links for jobs, etc. Meet members from all over the world practicing English. Take part and make some new friends!
  7. English Club
    OUP - Practice exercises and tests for Oxford Publishing Company's English books in the New Headway series.
  8. English Test - free & for pay short practice tests for nearly every English skill.

All the info about Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools is available from the CGFNS website
Kaplan has the steps in summary, read them here (click)

  1. NCLEX notes, tips, questions and other materials - I
  2. NCLEX notes, tips, questions and other materials - II
  3. NCLEX nurse review.org
  4. Read all about NCLEX at NCSBN
  5. I am recommending Kaplan because I prepared with them for my NCLEX
The following discussion forums were more than helpful to me in getting those Exam tips, emotional support & encouragement, ideas and so so so much more:
  1. Suzzane4 of the Allnurses website
  2. Everyone from everywhere at NCLEX made ridiculously simple
  3. After I was eligible for the NCLEX, I registered online for the Exam at Pearson VUE where I also found that they have a Downloadable and Online NCLEX Tutorials
  4. Meet other nurses at the Good Nurses Club 
  5. Also there are some few questions here (click) to help you.
Get a list of all State Boards of Nursing in the USA as listed in the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), click here to find the official website links.

  1. Diseases and Disorders
  2. Nutrition Source @ Harvard School of Public Health
  3. Complete mental health site @ PSYweb
  4. MedinePlus: Intereactive Health Tutorials
  5. Gray, Henry. 1918. Anatomy of the Human Body
  6. Health information for the Whole Family
  7. Microbiology

2 feedback :

Liz said... Wed Apr 22, 12:23:00 PM MST  

Hi dada Subi,
Kwanza kabisa nakupa hongera saana kwa mafanikio yoote naya teknologia. Mimi ni mpenzi saana wa kusikiliza nukta 77 sikujua kama ni ya kwako,jamani hongera saana mimi ni mpenzi saana wa nyimbo za injili hivyo nikiwa home huwa naingia nukta 77 nasikiliza nyimbo huku niko busy na mambo mengine.
Nasema tena hongera saana ,sasa ngija nisome tips za NCLEX.
Tuzidi kuwasiliana.

Subi said... Sun Apr 26, 05:56:00 AM MST  

Ninafurahi kuwa unafaidi nyimbo za Injili ukiwa nyumbani kupitia nukta77. Nimefurahi zaidi kuwa unasoma dondoo za NCLEX. Nakutakia mafanikio mema.
Asante kwa kunipongeza!

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