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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

TweetThis! "wow" weblinks - Host, Send and Share files [updated last: 24 August, 2009]

Once in a while you may have to send or share a big file with some people but, you find yourself with limited options. So, what do you do? This is where the idea of sites for sending large files comes in. I have collected a number of reliable online websites where you can send and/or receive big files with little or no hassle at all.

Look out for the the coming - "wow" weblinks edition - in which I will list a number of sites where you can upload a file just once and have it posted to different host and sharing sites at once.
  1. S4VE.as - Upload any file of any size and get back a link good for 24hrs.
  2. SendSpace.com - best way to send large files too big for email attachments to friends, family and businesses, anywhere in the world. It also sends video clips.
  3. YouSendIt - allows you to send unlimited 2GB files and folders. You can receive files as large as 2GB each. It's a reliable web service which is approved by many internet companies and individuals.
  4. PhotoBucket - Very popular. Gives you a 1 GB of online storage for your files.
  5. Drop.io and uSend.io - drop and privately share your files by web, email, phone, fax, and more. Drops are protected from search engines so you can conveniently share what you want, how you want, with whom you want.
  6. FilePhile - a peer-to-peer, multi-platform app for sending and receiving files of unlimited size.
  7. GazUp - website for social file mirroring online which also ables uploading files to multiple file hosts at once therefore saving time and bandwidth. The sites that you can upload files and size limits are: RapidShare.com 200MB, MegaUpload.com 400MB, Badongo.com , NetLoad.in 400MB, 400MB, HideMyAss.com 200MB, zShare.net 400MB, FileFactory.com 300MB and Uploaded.to 250MB.
  8. TinyLoad - uploads to many free websites simultaneously and get different download links. Your file will be uploaded to Rapidshare, Megaupload, zShare, FileFactory, BestSharing, Uploading, EasyShare, DivShare and AmazonS3, also, get a bookmarklet - to use with Gmail and Yahoo (paste the download link in the mail).
  9. FileDropper - upload up to 5 GB size files. The files are stored forever as long as somebody downloads them.
  10. FileSavr - upload files of the size up to 10 GB at a time.
  11. ADrive - get 50 GB free size of online storage with features like: Cloud Storage, Upload & Store Files, Access Files Anywhere, Share Files, Edit Documents Online, Remote File Transfer and ADrive Backup Client.
  12. Syncplicity - The only all-in-one service that makes sure your files are everywhere you need them. . You can also share any folder with anyone with a simple click of the mouse.
  13. Mozy - offers a 2 GB of free storage space to back up files on your home computer.
  14. File Qube - offers free 2 GB online storage. Upload and share.
  15. ShareSend - upload an 100MB file size limit and share.
  16. WebUploads - allows you to upload files up to 150MB. You can also generate some revenue.
  17. FastFreeFileHosting - upload and send files to multiple recipients. Supports Form Upload, Flash upload, URL upload and FTP upload. You can send files up to 50MB.
  18. SendShack - upload as many files as you want. There is no limit to the file size.
  19. O-File - online file storage and file transfer to store, share, access and backup files.
  20. Oosah - get 1TB of Online Media Storage. It support for all your media file types and syndicate or podcast your media. File size limits: 200MB per video and 9MB per audio. Get direct links to share the files with friends and also create and listen to playlists inline.
  21. FairyShare - allows you to upload unlimited number of files with 150 MB per file limit. 100% ad supported so you dont need to signup or register.
  22. PkUpload - upload and download with no limits. Use a download manager to resume broken downloads. upload limit is 200MB per file.
  23. DivShare - get 5 GB of free space. A 10 GB monthly download limit.
  24. FileDen - 1 GB of file storage space, a 50mb maximum file size limit and a 5 GB of monthly bandwith.
  25. UpMyFiles - Upload up to 10 files at a time. 250 MB per upload. Get support for resuming downloads, Ftp upload, Form Upload and DLash uploaded. Files are stored on their server for 240 days after a zero download before they are deleted to free up some space.
  26. Box.net - upload documents and media files. Gives you 1 GB of free space for free after signing up with the basic lite plan.
  27. BoxTr - redesigning the way the world stores and shares their data. No longer are files limited to the desktop, BOXSTr makes it possible to store your files on the web and share them with whomever you want, whenever you want.
  28. FileFactory - supports the option to send a notification email to a person of an uploaded file.
  29. Badongo - upload up to 4.8 GB a day (free user) or 12 GB a day (a registered user). Upload an unlimited amount of files, photos, video and music, to send to friends, family and colleagues.
  30. DropSend - fast, simple and secure. Get 250 MB of free space if you sign up for a basic plan.
  31. MediaFire - the simplest file hosting service to share files and images with others. It offers free unlimited storage, up to 100MB per file, unlimited uploads, downloads, bandwidth and image galleries. No need to register.
  32. neeBiT - a photo, video, audio, flash and document sharing network that let you easily upload, download and share media for free. Upload up to 60 files at once. File size limitation: Images = 5 MB, SWF = 15 MB, Videos = 125 MB, Text Files = 10 MB and Audio Files = 20 MB
  33. 2big2send - gives you 1 GB of space, 100 MB of storage, 1 GB/month of bandwidth, 1 GB Maximum upload size and 5 days of storage before the file expires.
  34. Blazeupload - offers free file hosting, file and folder management, ajax slideshow, tags and a lot more features. Upload up to 10 files and each measuring 100MB in size.
  35. DropBox - upload and share files online.
  36. Upload-Drive - upload a file size of up to 450MB.
  37. Megaupload - unlimited space and a 1GB file size limit upload.
  38. Rapidshare - one of the most popular and secure way to upload files. Upload up to 10 files at a time provided that they do not exceed 200 MB all together.
  39. SoundCloud - a web-based music player that let’s you find and play all tracks from SoundCloud, save playlists to your Google Account, and collaborate in making the best playlists ever.
  40. podOmatic - a free, customizable podcast page for audio, video and photo sharing.
  41. Humyo - a free online file storage and backup service for audio, video, photo and other file types. Access your documents and media from any computer or phone, share and collaborate with others and publish your files.
  42. MyPodcast - a free podcast recording and hosting, plus a huge directory of free podcasts to listen.
  43. SwitchPod - a podcast hosting service, offering unmetered bandwidth, fast speeds and detailed statistics. When you create an account at Switchpod, you get your own folder hosted on their servers to manage your podcasts. Free account gives you 450MB.
  44. OurMedia - an unlimited free storage and bandwidth for your video and audio files. Upload movies, podcasts, digital art, documentaries, political ads, interviews etc.
  45. Voike - a free web application that allows users to post and share their voice and music files on social networking sites.
  46. GCast - Whether you're podcasting a 30-sec phone message or a 30-min radio show, you can publish it with Gcast for FREE. Your media is stored and an "RSS feed" generated automatically that enables listeners to "tune in" to your podcast channel.
  47. UpIt.to - Your favourite file hosting service.
  48. Jetbytes is an experimental file transfer service which works without storing files during the transfer and allows to download it immediately. Just choose a file you want to store and Right after a one-off download link will appear. Copy it and send to recipient.

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